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All menu items from The Mitra Di Chaap are designed with the taste & Quality in mind. Check out our seamless menu and order to your favorite Choice. Delivery and Dining Available!

Tandoori Chaap

Stuffed Chaap
Masala Chaap
Malai Chaap
Cream Chaap
Achari Chaap
Ajwani Chaap
Garlic Chaap
Pudhina Chaap
Bahtti Chaap
Soya Nizami Tikka

Fry Spl. 

Crispy Chaap
Amritsari Chaap
Orley Chaap
Dahi Kabab


Veg. Kabab
Veg. Tandoori Momo
Paneer Tikka
Mushroom Tikka
Tandoori Momo
Tandoori Kathal (seasonal)

Veg. Rolls 

Stuffed Chaap Roll
Masala Chaap Roll
Malai Chaap Roll
Cream Chaap Roll
Achari Chaap Roll
Ajwani Chaap Roll
Garlic Chaap Roll
Pudhina Chaap Roll
Veg. Kabab Roll
Paneer Tikka Roll
Mashroom Tikka Roll

Tawa Spl. 

Tawa Masala Chaap 32.
Tawa Paneer
Tawa Mushroom
Changezi Chaap
Kathi Kabab
Tawa Kabab

Spl. Mitra Platters 

Veg. Platter – (Achari Chaap • Malai Chaap • Paneer Tikka • Mushroom)
Tandoori Platter – (Dal Makhani• malai Chaap • Lacha Prantha or 2 Roti)
Spl. Tandoori Platter – (Dal Makhani • Paneer Tikka • Prantha or 2 Roti)
Chaap Platter – (Korma • Malai Chaap • Rumali Roti)

Simpli Indian 

Dal Makhani
Dal Tadka
Rajma Masala
Channa Masala
Shahi Paneer
Kadhai Paneer
Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Taka-Tak
Paneer Lababdar
Paneer Pasanda
Paneer Methi Malai
Mix Vegetable
Navratan Korma

Gravy Chaap Spl. 

Veg. Mutton Gravy 
Butter Chaap Masala
Kadhai Chaap
Spl. Chaap Masala
Shahi Chaap
Chaap Methi Malai
Chaap Lababdar
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